Awkward & Awesome. Actually this is all awkward.

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{1} It's awkward when you're given special charge of the church bulletin, and even though you proof read it five million times, in the end you forget to change the date, so it's been November 3 for three Sundays.

{2} It's awkward to turn when you can't see oncoming traffic, only to discover that yes there is a car coming! The only awkward option left is to gun the engine and say sorry out loud, even though the elderly couple yelling and waving their arms at you can't hear.

{3} It's awkward to go to the bank and innocently cash a check. Banks are scary - but nothing is worse than having a young teller (a guy) awkwardly laugh the whole way through. Especially when you have no idea what he is laughing about. It was actually kinda creepy.

{4} It's awkward to forget to write five math problems in a row and have your dad ask you where you left your brain.

{5} It's awkward to tell a violin teacher that cut time is 4/4 time when he's counting on you (the esteemed piano accompanist) to tell his ignorant students what the correct time signature is. It's even more awkward when you know you're getting paid for being stupid.

{6} It's awkward walking out of church carrying a kaboodle of children's church material, only to have the bottom on the bag rip open and all the contents spill down the middle aisle. If you also happen to be carrying a kaboodle of Sunday school material and object lessons in the other hand, it's even more awkward to try and pick it all up with ONE HAND that is suffering from a repetitive nervous injury (seriously).

{7} It's awkward to play a G-flat every. single. time when the key is clearly in Bflat major. It sounds....awful.

{8} Last, but not leastly awkward; it's awkward to walk into a room and ask if there are any seats left, and the reply is, "no" but you heard "yes" and as you look around for a place to sit everyone is giving you the weirdest look ever.


{9} AwesomeEl Dia Terrible, Horrible, Horroroso y Muy Malo, curtsey of my Spanish speaking sister, Bailey.


  1. *Hug*

    Cheer up, Bethany! I've been there, too.

    Sooner or later the "awesome" moments come back and all that's left of the "awkward" scenarios are stories to laugh over.

    Speaking of laughter: I TOTALLY know what you mean about groaning "SOOOORRRY!!!" to the driver that you've just plowed in front of. It's an awful feeling. I share your woe. ;)

  2. -- that awkward moment when you excitedly bounce into the room and your voice teacher asks, "Wait -- are you okay?"

    -- that awkward moment when you look in the mirror and soberly realize you've committed every single fashion faux pas.

    -- that awkward moment when you wrongly conjugate every. single. Spanish verb you raise your hand to conjugate.

    And I can't even remember all the other awkward moments I've had lately. We should compile a book, my darling. We'd be bestsellers and probably extend the lives of millions (since, you know, hearty laughter makes people live longer).

  3. @ Anna - I agree with your philosophy...I actually love remembering all my "awkward" moments - because they're actually...way too hilarious to be true. :)

    @ Bailey - it would extend the lives of billions. I think we just have the bumbling genes about us. :D

  4. Oh Bethany,
    I've made the date change mistake too. I'm the president of my 4-H club and have five million things running through my mind. I've sometimes forgot to even change the year!! It IS embarrassing!!
    I play by ear, I tend to make those same mistakes and I start to internally cry and outwardly cringe.
    Life is full of awkward moments!! Yea, I can smile about them now, but then, not so much!!
    As of driving, well... I've been in cars that I had white knuckels all day!! (Now you know why I am super chicken to drive!!) ;)

    I am just learning how to follow blogs soooo.... I hope this message gets seen!! :)
    See you soon!! Hugs!! <3

  5. Awww, poor Bethany! :)

    Awkward moments are always so horrible at present, but so amusing after the fact... --Hope your day goes smoothly today!




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