ballet, yes...but crocheting!? Why Grace's should never do anything.

Ballet is not for everyone - especially people who tend to be on the clumsy side. Now generally, those few young ladies who take up the beautiful domestic arts of knitting, crocheting, and sewing only have to fear stress, pricked fingers, or dropping stitches accidently. Which, I admit, is pretty scary.

But if you happen to have the middle name of Grace - you're doomed for life. I mean, you couldn't get away gracefully crocheting that easily. Oh, no...

Ballet. I understand. But crocheting?

This is ridiculous! (I refuse to make piano my nemesis, although I speculate I have my beloved keyboard to blame and not my hours of harmless crocheting)

At any rate, crocheting, piano, or knitting - whatever - it's ridiculous to try typing with a split that makes your arm slide across the keys.

Be forewarned: carpal tunnel syndrome.

I jest about my middle name. But this is just too ridiculously hilarious for sentences. I'm. Retiring. To. Bedlam.


  1. Bethany! What has happened to you?! A splint!? You must explain...further.


  2. I'm currently experiencing the same pain, we should wear our wrist braces to play practice. :) (I'm telling people that I punched a shark and thumbwrestled Chuck Norris. It gets me more cool points than telling people I have a knitting injury ;) )

  3. @ Kara - carpal tunnel syndrome. Or in normal terms, a pinched nerve. :)

    @ Maddi - the script never mentioned Marilla and Anne both wearing matching wrist braces. :) :) :) :) I wish I could come up with a clever explanation as all that...however, the phrase "carpal tunnel syndrome" seems to scare them enough - thinking I'm doomed to have a brace the rest of my life. :D

  4. :'(

    But I say, old chap -- you look quite adorable even with that splint.


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