fall knots {lovely links}

1. Coffee Mug / 2. Fingerless Gloves / 3. Easy Crochet Headband / 4. Boot Toppers / 5. Winter Cowl
 Two Problems:
  • A tubfull of yarn I've never used
  • My afternoons are free
The solution? Obviously, knit and crochet (more about what happened to that yarn later.) Throw aside all misunderstandings about how all homeschoolers knit or crochet (according to my sister, who doesn't crochet or knit) and have a blast! It's the best way to keep your hands busy while talking, listening to stuff, watching DVDS in Spanish, and curling up on the couch. If you don't know how to knit or crochet, the best way is to learn.

Some amazing places for inspiration:
Wibbly Wobbly Knits
Good Knits

Happy knotting!

P.s. If you wish to be more conservative of your priceless yarn, knitting is the way to go. It just takes longer.

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  1. this quite makes me wish i had kept up my crocheting! i'd love to see updates on your knitting and crocheting adventures. :)


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