my puppy dog. mole? rat? thing?

She clearly is a Dachshund. Clearly. However, much to her poor shred of reputation - she is mistaken for a rat without a tail. And occasionally a mole. Poor dear. I ran out of scrap yarn to give her a tail. I also messed up on the pattern because I was supposed to be doing pre-calculus, but I got bored listening to a lecture. So I made a DOG instead (she is a dog.)

On a really awesome side note: I got my script for Anne of Green Gables. My siblings and I had a grand ceremony for the highlighting of the scripts. It was very solemn indeed. We also had a grand screeching of the songs - which sounded...not very lovely. Especially our rendition of the highest note in the musical. It's freezing in our room now, because the windows broke from the shock. :)


  1. Awww! Your little DOG (repeat: yes, dog; and more specifically, dashound) is adorable; I seriously want him to jump out of the screen and give him a mini hug.
    PS Your writing makes me smile. :) You have such a way with words.

  2. @ Acacia - ah, I'm so very glad that we are in agreement. My poor dog (she needs a name) might regain some sort of dignity after all. :)


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