Operation Christmas Child

Operation is the word I associate with awesomeness and sunglasses. You know, the cool folks with the walkie-talkie and power-belts with a wry smile and Batman voice. Operation Christmas Child had never been my operation. My mom was always heading that up - until this year, that is. Somehow, I thought I was cool and Batman-ee (bethan-ee? :) enough to head it up myself getting church involved and our local bible study girls. Frankly, I felt more like Daffy Duck running around trying to meet deadlines, schedule shopping trips, compiling brochures and packing party dates. Maybe not so Batman-ee. But the good thing about Operation Christmas Child - is that you don't have to be a secret agent whirl-a-gig to figure it out. Plus, it's so exciting and fun, you'd have to really be a Scrooge to get stressed about it!
 Wrapping boxes is no small task. It takes forever. Especially the ones with the flaps. But the thought of sending an UNWRAPPED box full of goodies to a child across the world is unthinkable. I mean, the snowmen make it so much more exciting and happy! I'm getting way off track here. Let's just say, I'm really proud of the wrapping job of these shoeboxes. (by the way, the proper way to wrap a shoebox would be here.)

After shopping trips in Dollar Tree (twice) and running the shoebox "drop-off" at the church, the day finally came when our girl's bible study - Living Hope - gathered together to pack a box full of love, fun and the gospel.  We had eighteen girls altogether excitedly packing boxes and making cards for each one. Their excitement was absolutely contagious!
Hannah, Sarah and myself...all practically sisters. We had a hysterical ride in our twelve passenger van, laughing about running into deer. Don't ask.

The final result was over thirteen boxes crammed packed and seven more waiting at home. We all prayed for the unknown recipients, and carefully boxed the boxes into our handy-dandy plastic totes...which didn't hold them all. 

(Someone stole the camera - and caught me forgetting the chords to 10,000 Reasons (my memorization is...not 100% reliable) but the girls love singing at the top of their lungs - I get goosebumps.)

It's not too late to pack a shoebox! The national collection week starts November 18. Find a drop-off location near you!

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  1. Thanks for the great pic's, Bethany! Looks like you had a great time!


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