someday maybe never

The somedays are the days that get me. Because I think a lot about "someday". The only sticky-nastiness of thinking about someday, is that someday never. ever. comes. It's never tomorrow, it's always today. So you can never figure out someday, because you're always living in the here-now. Although one day, I did live in the "tomorrow" because I thought the day I was living in was tomorrow when it actually really wasn't - and I missed my sister's birthday on account of my crazily wired thought process. It was humiliating and confusing. I still don't get it myself.

The point of this jibber-jabber - really doesn't have a point. Except for the fact of not worrying about the future. It's a stupidly cheesy thing to say - but there's nothing you can really do about it because you are living right now. And now has plenty problems of it's own. Such as, for example, is white rice the healthiest thing for lunch two days in a row?

Is this intelligent? I don't know. I think my Wernicke's area in my brain is malfunctioning from reading too much science and flying off the wall. I just like to ramble - and a computer screen never interrupts you.

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  1. This sounds like me lately. So much school and so much thinking that coherence isn't quite possible. So much wondering about the future, so much trying to live now.
    So somehow I think I understand where you're coming from.


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