bottle green wincey // Anne's loathsome dress inspiration

You'll probably be seeing some Anne of Green Gables costume posts around here...considering I have two (maybe four?) dresses and costumes to sew for myself, my sisters and my brother. Unfortunately, good historical patterns are impossible to find (unless you're buying $30 worth of patterns), so it's all up to a good imagination and the patience and nerve to free-sew. You know, chop patterns up and all that fun stuff that normally doesn't work out. (in case you're interested: here's last play's sewing)

Marilla's Surprise: Bottle Green Dress
  • Plain, sensible dress (no frills, no flounces, no nothing)
  • Absolutely no puffed sleeves
  • Bottle green (I have yet to see a bolt of "bottle green" fabric)
  • 2" below the knee
  • Early Edwardian, 1910's style

The movie production of Anne of Green Gables was the first place I went...but Anne's ugly plaid is about the only thing close to something Marilla might have the nerve to tolerate.

This dress is actually gray, and a little similar to what my version of Anne's "train dress" looks like (pictures of the finished product coming soon!)

This is the only picture I could find of the bottle green dress from previous performances. I'm not sure how I quite like the white "bib" at the top, although it does go with the era.

 Here's an actual dress from the era, although I think the hat is uglier than the dress! Based on the only pattern I have, this dress matches pretty closely, although I wouldn't have the bodice so loose. 

Here's another frightfully ugly dress. I especially like how drab and homely (buttons and all) it is compared to Diana's. Which, hopefully, is the look that I can sew up.

That's a big maybe, however!

Expect a sob story of sewing room sorrows as soon as I get the fabric!


  1. Out of all of Anne's drab dresses I think the last dress that you showed is my favorite. I'm with you its ridiculous the way patterns are priced these days. Can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. Ha,ha,ha! If anybody can sew it It's you. Cant's wait to see the finished product!


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