never such devoted sisters {photoshoot}

 What can I say? The Bergmann family is not quite so respectable as most people think. And contrary to opinion - I do not carry myself like a lady (how did that rumor get started?). The truth is, we have conversations of laughter, stay up past midnight, eat goldfish while watching Messy Mondays, and we do other things that are better unmentioned. And we got matching dresses from LandsEnd for Christmas...so we take dorky photo-shoots in 25 degrees without coats.//

P.s. Be on the look-out for Terrors in the Empty Church / The Very True Horror Story of Recording Anne of Green Gables for an Entire Weekend


  1. Your dresses are really cute! :) --Crazy photoshoots are the best!

  2. I am glad you did not mention last night's bout of laughter on the benches. . . .we want people to at least think we're SOMEWHAT respectable.

    HAHAHAHAHAHA. We got them fooled good. ;)

  3. these photos are gorgeous and so are you!


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