Really Old / Part {4}


 Driving down the road...singing to the wafting strands of JJ Heller filling the toasty air of the family Ford Fusion...my hair is tamed in a bun...it's like a pinterest picture of perfection.


There's no slam on the brakes moment, where the frightened, beautiful driver slowly regains composure.

The real fact is the frightened driver - with a plastered, unflattering look of utter torment spread across cheek to cheek - slowly slowing down and cringing as the brakes rattle back and forth, trying to throw off the cautious pressure of the booted foot.

I lived however, I really did. No sliding into the intersection. No almost running into an elderly couple's car - watching in amusement and guilt as they wave their hands in righteous anger.

I stopped at the stop sign. Breathed a breath. Sighed a sigh. Released my tight shoulders.

"Bethany. I can't believe you just did that. You've got to remember that there's ice right there! You've only driven on this road six times today!"

And that was the moment I realized the utter, horrible, absolutely terrible realization:

I just talked to myself in an empty car!

Bother. I promised myself I'd never talk to myself while driving.

I'm growing old!


  1. :)) I'm glad you survived the harrowing experience! There's already been some interesting snow/ice covered road experiences in our family, as well. (however, obviously, I wasn't driving...) haha

    Enjoy the Wisconsin roads! ;)

  2. I adore JJ Heller. At least you had some good music to calm the soul after such a traumatic experience. :)


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