Terrors in the Empty Church / Why I drove home with one hand

Re-reading that title - I realize that sounds bad. I actually had two hands, but I drove home using one.


Well...long story short, I play the piano and volunteered myself to take over the piano for Anne of Green Gables...thinking it couldn't be that hard. Actually, it wasn't. I love piano, and I easily practiced four hours a day since Monday (even Christmas) because I genuinely loved playing broadway style.

That's all fine and dandy when it's for fun. And when I played it for fun...there were hardly any mistakes and it sounded beautiful...so I'd have no trouble recording it? right?

Fast-forward six days later and I was lugging a laundry basket of recording equipment through the unlocked church doors. And actually - to my complete horror - both pastors happened to be there. at. the. same. time....and I was certain there was some special pastor meeting that I had so rudely interrupted. They didn't stay long after I played the Overture for the tenth time. I warmed up on the piano, set up the recorder, breathed a deep sigh of determination and started recording.

  • The F keys hated me. The highest F was horribly out of tune, and another F key would get stuck if you played it too fast
  • The pedal kept squealing. This is fine for church accompaniment...but not for a recording!
  •  I forgot to turn the microphone on...so I recorded nothing for a little bit. Frustration!
  • Umm...the church is next to a highway and everyone seemed to be driving that day.
  • The recorder was about fifty feet from the piano...so I had to run back and forth through pews to record/stop each piece. I got my exercise in for the day.

Five hours later - I was done! Pretty impressive for a full scale performance...minus the fact that I had only recorded Act 1. Each song had to be done over about 10 times (I'm honestly, really not kidding)...the sheet music kept falling. For one song I had placed the music upside-down...which I discovered during a near "perfect" recording a little bit too late. Another time, I simply forgot to turn the page. Awkward.

So I drove home with one hand because my fingers fell off. I've played the piano for seven hours today and I'm tired.

Farewell. //

P.s. My dad jokingly asked if I kept the car headlights on again. I replied no - but instead of the car-lights, I have a horrible sinking feeling that I left the church sanctuary lights on. It just gets worse.


  1. Well, you won't run down the church's battery, anyway. = )

    Bethany, you may ask me for *anything*--up to half of my kingdom--and it's yours. Thank you SO much for doing this.

    Honestly, I would *love* to practice for four hours a day. Sounds like heaven.... Maybe then I'd be good enough to make some recordings myself.

  2. I find it ironic that you played piano for seven hours and came home to type on a keyboard with those same sore fingers. <3


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