that was awkward!

{1} It's awkward to be late three consecutive times for piano accompanying on the same day for the same reason. The reason being, getting stuck in a snow-bound driveway.

{2} It's awkward to completely mispronounce the Spanish word enseñar.

{3} It's awesome to have blankets by the dozens. I literally wore five layers (okay, it was three) around the house to avoid the freezingness. The only problem: being toasty warm invites the shores of dreamland prematurely, when you really should be doing something else.

{4} It's awkward enough to drive a fifteen-passenger van and awkwardly park it on the iced side of the road. It's even more awkward to use your coat as "warmth" to defrost the windshield. Oh, by the way, vans take about thirty minutes to heat up. The results are shivering self, frost-bitten hands, frozen tears, and the agonizing mental process of hoping the wheels won't spin.

{5} It's really awkward to walk into a community theater and have almost all the audience members gasp and gape at "all those young people!" Seriously, we only brought six siblings along. You'd think people these days never see children!

{6} It's awesome to stay up until 1:30 using Musescore. I finally figured out how it works!

{7} It's awesome to accompany a violinist who can play like an angel.

{8} It's awkward when you sing a solo and someone comments how your face turned red.

{9} It's awkward to see if someone's soup is done, and burn your finger in the process. Ouch!

{10} It's awesome to be stuck inside and watch the snow fall down. It's so pretty!

{11} This version of The Apology in Anne of Green Gables is AWESOME. :)

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  1. Re: "The Apology": that sure is a lot of energy and "dancing-ness". I don't think she's actually singing and dancing at the same time, though.


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