the weather outside is frightful...

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the blankets so delightful
And since there's every place to go
Shovel snow, shovel snow, shovel snow

It never shows signs of stopping
Staying warm requires hopping
Before I wake I always know
It will snow, it will snow, it will snow

When I look at that snowy sight
How I hate going out in the storm
Even socks that are way too tight
Will never keep cold toes warm!

Don't try this at home
My fingers are slowly dying
And no matter how hard I'm trying
My driving is 10 miles slow
Slip in snow, slip in snow, slip in snow

Don't take pictures when you're sick. It's a dumb idea.
 Now tissues are in a pile
And the medicine was just trial
And since my nose is pink and sore

-- wait that doesn't rhyme --

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!


  1. Ha! Love your last few lines and your pictures are really cute. Wish it would snow down south

  2. Encore, encore!

    I am sad that I didn't yell loud enough to be part of your photoshoot. :(

  3. I LOVE this! Did you make up this version of Let it Snow!!?!

  4. :) Snowy days are always exciting...

  5. this is so funny; i'm laughing. ;) but hey, gorgeous pictures, entertaining poem, to say the last *wink* and you look lovely, sick or not.

    and send some snow our way, huh? all we've been getting is wind. ;)

  6. That photo of Sarah in the brown coat looks eerily like Bailey. I didn't realize it wasn't Bailey until Bailey commented as below.


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