then i was a piano accompanist

{My sister Hannah and I...waiting for the recital to begin...we both look positively dorky. It runs in the family}
{me and the not-so-grand grand piano!}
Picking me to play was a mistake in the first place. After all, I haven't had lessons for five years. Five years. But here I was, second time pianist. And I was getting paid. No pressure!

Between all my horrific parking tales (you've read enough of them already) I absolutely loved piano accompanying. Except for the fact that I always played the electric keyboard.

On the snowy day of the recital - the last recital for the music school, which was a big deal - I arrived and saw the dreaded electric piano shoved far offstage. Heh, weird. I was thoroughly confused and asked why my piano was completely off the stage with no piano bench.

Naturally, because no one was using it. To my astonishment, they let me play the grand piano.

Guys. The GRAND PIANO!!!

I was floored. This was going to be an amazing experience!

But you know me. An amazing experience can't be amazing without something absolutely, horribly awkward happening.

Problem #1: I had to accompany the first song and I hate doing things first.
Problem #2: I couldn't see my violinist. A major problem.
Problem #3: I didn't warm up on the so-said grand piano.

That grand piano had the hardest keys I'd ever played. Touch sensitivity was about 0. The pedal was stuck, and as the piano was on rollers, the whole thing shook with each pedal "breath". Awkward. Not to mention frustrating!

All in all, it was awesomely fun - even though I messed up quite a bit (hopefully, no one noticed, because I kept a straight face). People aren't supposed to listen to the accompanist, but my dentist (yes, my dentist was in the audience...random, right?) ran up afterwards and said he thought my wrists moved exactly like a concert pianist's. That's the weirdest compliment I ever got, but I took it gratefully. It totally made my day. :)

...I love piano. 


  1. gosh you don't even know how happy this makes me. :) I lovee piano stories.

  2. This is such a cute post :)! And don't worry...I think everyone hS their awkward moments :). One time, I was playing and singing "Edelweiss" from The Sound of Music, and I got the chords all mixed up and sang the song to the wrong chords then I just stood up and left. It was terrible!

    Haha, but anyways...xD thanks for sharing your experience with us :). And that compliment you got! Hehe :)

    God bless you :)



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