and then i became a piano accompanist. again.

Some music...after it has thoroughly been translated into "Bethany Language."
Piano accompanists always came across as sweet young ladies - or older ladies - who are so regally dignified. You'd almost believe they were a queen playing the piano for you. Until, of course, I became one myself. After all my dramas last year of parking in creepy alleyways at the music school, I never thought I'd be rehired by a private teacher.

Well, I was. And I flopped every etiquette of a job interview (it sorta wasn't really - because I was technically already "hired") because I had made the mistake of practicing Act 1 & 2 back to back for the musical I'm accompanying for. Lets just say, three hours later, I didn't want to hear the word piano mentioned. Much less accompaniment. I also didn't want to walk around in a mini-blizzard of wind-swept pelting snow that always manages to get down my neck. Hello, Wisconsin. I made my mother drive and we both nearly got run over by an eccentric gentleman doing donuts in the church parking lot.

We discussed my piano accompaniment. Actually, I mean my mother and the teacher did. I stood in a zombie-like state of stupid grins and mental exhaustion as I bobbed my head agreeably about compensation and music pay. I had tried to suggest a small amount of pay for all my practicing and accompanying, which he immediately shot down (to my shock) and insisted I deserved more. Alright, very well then... 

 I did have a mental screaming session when he mentioned Vivaldi. I have had a little experience with that composer - and lets just say...piano and Vivaldi don't mix.

It's like trying to play a jazz band on a piano - which doesn't mix well, either. Or it's like transposing a song in the key of G, and realizing you put all the sharps as flats which makes it positively annoying to play that song because your brain thinks you're playing in A flat major or something. Very confusing.

I shall remain happy with my small little job, just as long as all the music doesn't fall out of books. It makes piano accompanying very miserable otherwise. Which, tip of the year, don't put sheet music in a broken folder. But always put sheet music in some sort of folder. It's horribly annoying to have to tumble down while you're playing. ESPECIALLY, if you're performing.

Don't believe me?
Well. Don't say I didn't warn you.


  1. Yay! So excited for you - I hope everything goes smoothly for you!


  2. Hi Bethany! My name is Emily. I've haven't met you, but I know your sister, Bailey. I found your blog off of hers. I really like the picture of your music.. looks familiar! ;) And I totally agree, Vivaldi is sometimes a nightmare!! I'm sure you'll do great though! Have fun! :)

  3. Haha...I'm so glad I decided to not accompany ! Thankyou for saving me :) Good luck with it !


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