of college junk mail and such

Receiving thousands of college emails, snail mail and paraphernalia really does make you feel like an important highschooler in the universe...until you remember that everyone else gets the exact same "personal" letter you did...like...for example, your twin brother sitting in the very same room as you.

The million-dollar-question-of-the-year is not "are you going to college" but that annoying precursor, "so, are you going to Hillsdale?"

Since apparently every sibling has to go to the same college as their revered personal blessing of an older sibling (Bailey.)

I made the mistake of indicating that I was interested in "graphic design" on my PSAT test, which actually really isn't that true. I'm thinking of maybe minoring in it. However, all my junk mail is from those nerdy "artsy" colleges just gushing how they're going to cultivate my talent.

College gets really complicated for me. I have a few colleges that tickle my fancy as I place I could endure - but those amount to (are you ready for this?) a whopping: 1 college. I still haven't decided whether I want to pursue nursing and medical missions or go into music...since music makes up 50% of my life that decision should be rather uncomplicated. But, you know me. Unfortunately, you can't really pin-point colleges until you have decided nursing or music because rarely does a nice college offer both...unless you want to go to a huge college that guarantees nightmares of wandering through scary hallways. Which would just be horrible.

It's all too complicated. I prefer to stick to happier things that are sorted out. Like the awesome backpack my mother surprised me with for my trip to D.C.  It has a neon yellow/green zipper. I'm happy.


  1. Your blog design is so beautiful! I love it. x


  2. ;) Such is life as a Junior, no?

    l.o.v.e. the new design!

  3. Oh Bethany, I hear you. I brought in a handful of college letters just this afternoon and said to my mom, "I would feel so popular and intelligent if I didn't know that every student in the country with my interests is getting the exact same letters." Hmph. The pride is short-lived, which is probably best.

    If anything, the sheer volume is what overwhelms me most. I can't imagine filling out that many applications. O_o For now, I delete the majority of the emails and try to focus on the tasks at hand. A time for everything and a season for every activity under Heaven — and thankfully, at this point, I still have some time before a concrete decision must be made. But when the hour comes, we shall conquer this giant!

  4. Love your blog!! I've been following it very closely! It's awesome to see you have a twin too :)


  5. Uhhh !!! College ! Stop getting oldddddd ;) I always get bombarded with the same junk mail, but all from the same college. Good 'ol Maranatha ! Ha,ha !

    Love ya !
    p.s. I love your new design--but, I expect to see a picture of your lovely face ((not a bag)) lol !!!!

  6. Life is so complicated sometimes. Especially college. I'd rather not discuss it at the moment. ha. But I DO love you new blog design!!

  7. @ Elizabeth - I love your bright attitude to it all. :) My sister has tried to convince me that college really isn't that complicated, but I still feel like an ignorant little girl when it comes to such matters...

    @ Sarah - okay, well, I didn't have any pictures on hand so I had to use the bag one. :) You can see my lovely face any other time, so don't be too disappointed! Maranatha hasn't sent me any college mail - I'm almost offended! Sometime I'll bring my junk mail over and we can look through colleges together...I got some stuff from Northwestern in Minnesota!!


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