orphan anne / the train dress

My sister Bailey once performed in a full-scale musical at a theater in Texas. I don't remember the name of her character, but the play was Fiddler on the Roof and her dress has been hanging in our closet-of-homemade-clothes-never-to-be-used-again.

Until I needed an ugly orphan dress.

Despite the fact that the dress was about four sizes too small, it was reasonably frumpy and big with enough room to add an ugly elastic waist and to pin up the hem. The results were - simply - ugly. But it took almost no time and effort. Which is a plus, considering I have two more dresses waiting to be stitched.

Here's the elastic waist. It was a terror to put in and I had to redo it twice. You can see the previous stitch marks. Embarrassing. Thank goodness it's supposed to be ugly.

The pinafore was a blinding white, and I promptly decided (rashly) to dye it tan. Four tea bags and a huge mess later, I pulled out a soaking wet tan pinafore with huge black splotches in random places. It looked horrible...but I supposed you really can't go wrong trying to make something ugly.

Anyway, I ran out of siblings to model for me, so there was only...me...left to model. I hate selfies and the trouble of pulling out the tripod and using self-timer...but I was determined to chronicle everything if it was the last thing I did. Towards the end, I got a little out of hand with boredom. I can't help that I act like a dork when I'm alone. Besides, I was using fake bangs...it was fun. //

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  1. For some reason, even though it's supposed to be ugly, you look cute in it.

  2. Hm. Well. I personally think it makes me look like Raggedy Anne or something. I don't think that's how you spell it....but....yeah.


    And, um, I guess you can use my dress...... ;)

  4. Oh...that's right. You didn't mind that I completely tore out the sleeves and chopped off about 5" of the hem? :)

  5. UGLY?! Most certainly no. It is the darn cutest dress I've seen in a while.

  6. Wow, that looks very, very much like her dress in the movie! Good job!

  7. Oh my! Number 9 and 12 are my favorites! So cute and the dress looks so much like the one from the movie!


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