awkward + hilarious + awesome

Those awkward and awesome posts just aren't me. Frankly, my day is either one splitting headache of embarrassing awkwardness or one hilarious joke that I spend the entire night laughing about. Here's the highlights of awkward + hilariousness in my life this week:

{1} Awkward: when you have carpal tunnel syndrome and you're playing the piano. It doesn't work, okay? :) Also, when your nerve has finally relaxed and you promptly forget about CTS until you pick up a milk jug or a pizza stone and run around screaming "OWWW!" and lecturing yourself for forgetting, meanwhile groaning because you'll have to wear a brace for the rest of the day until the nerve relaxes again.

{2} Hilarious: staying up until three in the morning because a song is stuck in your head. When you finally begin to fall asleep, you realize someone is breathing in your ear. When you grope around in the freezing darkness for the intruder (meanwhile having a heart-attack) you discover your baby sister who calmly informs you she's had an accident.

{3} Hilarious: while ripping out stitches on a dress (scroll down) your little brother waltzes in the room to announce that baby sister has spilled applesauce on the floor. When you walk down to clean it up, you burst out laughing because it's perfectly smeared in an impossible five-foot trail of applesauce.

{4} Awkward: trying to brush your teeth while a cat tail is inches from your mouth (I love you too, Tiger.) It's also awkward to discover the sink is occupied by a sleeping cat who mews in unbelievable ignorance. ahem.

{5} Awkward + excruciately annoying: happily sewing a dress and discovering you cut one of the pattern pieces out wrong and there's not much fabric left.

{6} Awkward + really scary: walking downstairs for a midnight snack and opening the pantry door to realize that someone is walking in the empty hallway behind you. Yeah, it was my brother. But I weakly squealed and gave him a piece of my mind about scaring me half out of my wits.

{7} Hilarious: doing a self blood-type test for science and crying like a baby because you're too scared to prick your finger with that weird, green, plastic thing. Thank goodness my mom's a used-to-be nurse.

{8} Awkward + painful: tripping over a CD player that's an essential part of your life and breaking it. Too bad I kinda really needed that one working CD player for piano accompanying. sigh.

{9} Hilariously not funny: running around the house trying to find an invisible flash drive. They're always tucked away somewhere weird right when I need the flash drive.

{10} Not really awkward or hilarious but rather strange: watching the debate between Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ken Ham, while eating supper at 8:30 at night.

{11} Awesome: when we decide that we're going to study cultures for school by watching the Olympics. :)

{12} Awesome times twenty: mocha + whipped cream.

P.s. Sorry about the grammar. I'm too tired to try and make this understandable in real English.


  1. :) THE best awkward-awesome post evah!

  2. I can sympathize with being scared half-to-death in a dark hallway. My family (minus Mom) seems to enjoy my pitiful reactions to "hidden surprises" and love to take advantage of opportunities to scare me - (behind the dishwasher, the banister, the shower curtain...need I go on?)

    Hope you're hands are feeling better soon :(


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