Bethany Meets Vivaldi

I realize that if you don't like music -  you don't like it. So, if you don't like music, don't read the rest of this post.

Once upon a time, I became a piano accompanist. Because I was already a piano accompanist for a choir, a play, a church, and a guitarist for a bible study (guys, I don't even play the guitar), which was all happening that same week, I didn't look at the sheet music for my piano accompanist for violinists stuff.

Mistake #1.

Some of the songs were toughies, but nothing I couldn't tackle in the three days I left myself to learn fifteen new songs.

I opened the last book, which was Vivaldi, in preparation to learn some hard-core piano. Vivaldi + piano = hardness and sore fingers. Because sheet music that combines cellos, basses, and violins is really rather daunting when you only have two hands. Girl hands, I should say. This was definitely music that is only fit for guys who have larger and stronger hands.


I opened to Vivaldi and discovered the previous pianist had taped the pages together so she/he wouldn't have to turn them. Nice. That saved me a lot of time. My good feelings disappeared as I glanced through the music and found that the left hand was all octaves and the right had was all octaves and three-fingered-sixteenth chords.

Well, there's nothing a little practice won't charm! (ha, ha...not really) I began to unfold the taped pages. My somewhat-good-feelings dissolved as I counted:

two. . .three. . .FOUR. . .fiiiivvveee. . .SIX?!?. . .SEVEN!!!!!!!!!!!. . .
It doesn't even get anywhere close to fitting on the piano. Now, I've played twelve-page songs easily enough. So, seven pages is nothing, really.

Except, of course, if it's Vivaldi.

Let's just say, today I'm getting paid to play with my unsuspecting violinist. . . and I can play about 5.7% of the song accurately.

Feelings as of right now: unprepared annoyance.

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