Anne's Bottle Green Wincey | Finished!

This first time I put the "finished product" right before play practice was shocking. I positively disliked Anne's loathsome dress because of the millions of times I had to put on five buttons that refused to cooperate. However, once I actually tried it on, I discovered I really, really, really liked this dress. I feel way less self-conscious in this plain old thing than when I sport Anne's puffed sleeved contraption. 

  • 5 yds of Green Cotton - JoAnn Fabrics ($15)
  • 5 buttons - button stash ($0)
  • McCalls M4548 - Goodwill ($0.50)
I followed the pattern for everything, minus little things like shortening the skirt. I omitted the sleeves in the McCalls pattern (too puffy) and replaced them with sleeves I scavenged from a different pattern.The only downfall from this action was that they ripped the first time I wore the dress. Oh, well. I also "attempted" to draft in a collar, which went horribly. Somehow, I did something to it - and it didn't look so bad.


  1. I love it! It looks so oldfashioned{in an awesomely good way}, and comfy!!! *dreams of making a dress*

  2. You're cute. And super talented. (And why can't we wear boots like that every day??) Erich and I want to sew something together and neither of us know how to read a pattern. Expect panicked phone calls if this dream ever comes to fruition.

  3. I love this pattern! I made it with some alterations to make it a little more mid-19th century (lined bodice and dropped shoulder seams, mostly) to wear to historical events. I need to make another one, though, for variety. And because it's an awesome pattern.

    I love that green. I have no shame; I would totally wear that. Not even as a costume.

  4. I am re-rereading "Anne of Green Gables" but I had never before looked up what wincey cloth looked like. I was delighted to see your dress in the image search! What a delightful project! I think even Marilla would be proud--though good luck getting her to admit it! ;)


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