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George Washington's Green House
Mt. Vernon
Walking into George Washington's house
Texas, Louisiana and South Dakota posing for an epic picture on a bridge in Mt. Vernon
New York, Alaska and Indiana walking into the "village" of Mt. Vernon
The house of Mt. Vernon
Bus rides. . .Puerto Rico laughing with me. . .again
Taking pictures before the VOD ceremony
My living space for five days
The view out my window
The Jefferson Memorial. In the rain at night.
Jefferson again
There he is!
The unfortunate result of pictures during night tours. Iwo Jima Memorial
Walking up to the WWII Memorial
Hey it's me!
The long march to the Lincoln Memorial. The sidewalk was pure ice.
The Lincoln Memorial
Awesome people!
This is why this was my favorite memorial!
A few of us with the 16th president.
The Vietnam Memorial
The last night. Taken after the most epic game of "Never Have I Ever"
Bus rides of awesomeness
I don't like airports. They're not buildings for people who have reading-airport-sign-issues. Needless to say, I sucked in fear and calmly asked the TSA officers a gazillion times, what in the world am I supposed to do?
Somehow, I was on a plane, giddily watching clouds float by and looking down at the gorgeous landmarks of Washington, D.C. I met 54 kids from around the country and world all with the same passion: cookies after supper. Oh, and essays of course.

D.C. is such an amazing place. Not only is the big city (it's technically "small") breathless for any gal who's lived forever in the middle of nothing amazing but the historic landmarks are literally everywhere. I'd love to jabber about D.C. forever, but I'll spare you all the details. But here's a few:
  • The Holocaust Museum. It was the most quiet museum I've ever been to, and it was the most gut wrenching building you can walk through. I'll never forget the long hallway simply filled with shoes from victims who are no more.
  • Getting snowed in. We spent one day playing mafia for three hours as we watched a snow-storm plow through Virginia. My roommate from Arizona scared the living daylights out of me by roughly waking me up and yelling, "It's snowing outside!" She'd never seen snow.
  • The Parade of Ceremonies. The VFW put on the most fancy-dancy ceremony I've ever been to. I sat one seat away from a Medal of Honor winner (!!) and watched in numb amazement as I was escorted to the front of the stage with video cameras, patriotic music and everything. Talk about nerve-racking! And so many pictures. Wyoming and I half died of heart attacks.
  • Mt. Vernon - you have to go to Mt. Vernon. It was breathtaking. I even saw George Washington's fake teeth (painful!) and watched Indiana accidentally set the security alarms off. 
  • Taking a tour boat down the Potomac river. The VFW even hired a DJ and there was a dance party for about two hours. Needless to say, as a unsocialized homeschooler, I knew none of the songs except for two. :)


  1. Pictures are so happy. :) Looks like you had a lot of fun!


  2. Ooh, fun! I like taking trips. George Washington's house looks exciting! And I like the Lincoln memorial too.


  4. Oooohh DC is great, isn't it? Have you given the speech yet? And see, I told you the airport wasn't bad. Love all the pics.

  5. I was so discombobulated today I completely forgot to ask you all about this! Thank you for posting the pictures, it looks like you had a great time! :)

  6. Wow. Looks like you had a pretty amazing time =) Thanks for sharing the pics, Bethany!

    Looking forward to talking to you this afternoon on Skype :)


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