and then my hair turned red, my age turned 17, and my life turned crazy

  • I turned seventeen and (to my bewilderment) became a morning person. Waking up at 6:00 a.m. is a breeze. I think I should be concerned.
  • Someone. gave. me. STARBUCKS. Let's just say, I was absolutely ridiculously happy about that. It totally made my day about a hundred times better. Ironically, I hate chocolate milk (long and rather disturbing story) and I'm allergic to coffee - but this tasted like both - which actually tasted amazing. Yeah, that was a good morning.
  • I was on the radio (publicity for our upcoming show) along with some really awesome people. It was really fun, and the radio host actually knew quite a bit about Anne of Green Gables. Thankfully, we didn't laugh every singe second on air. Which was a plus, because laughing people on radios are actually really obnoxious.
  • My brain fried during Spanish class.
  • I got to spend the afternoon with my best friend and she gave me the cutest donut ever. It's still sitting in the fridge, because I don't want to ruin it by eating it! 
  • A bajillion people came over to wish us (my twin and I) a happy birthday. I learned that I can't learn to play double dutch without killing myself. And apparently, my weakness for chocolate just got weaker - considering all the piles of dark chocolate that mysteriously "kept appearing". Unfortunately, I can't eat any chocolate this week. :)
  • I didn't go to bed until 3:00 a.m. That was a really bad mistake
  • My hair turned red. It smells really funny and it makes me look...different. I still do a double take when I pass by a mirror.


  1. I *ADORE* the red hair! It's very becoming! Can't wait to see it for real on Tuesday! That's a lot of exclamation points! = )

  2. I think you should keep your hair red.

  3. ^^ ditto that! That's totally awesome! Is there going to be a video of the Anne of Green Gables play posted somewhere?? :)

  4. Your hair is really cool!

  5. Hey Bethany! This is Marie, you told me you were dyeing your hair red....... but I was NOT expecting that!!!!! =) =_

  6. your hair looks amazing! wish I could become a morning person too! :) p.s is there a way I could email you a question?

  7. @ Rosi - sure! My email is joyfullgirl@charter.net


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