april snippets

Holding about 0.5% of my piano work. The other 99.5% is lost in the hurricane next to the piano.

Courtesy of someone amazing
Awkward: trying to record a song with no mistakes in absolute silence in a freezing cold basement with a broken keyboard with yellow keys (see left photo)

Awesome: Gatorade. It's amazing after eating and drinking nothing for one and a half days due to a ballistic case of the 24 hour stomach flu.

Awkwarder: Subbing as a church pianist and discovering you know about zero of the songs. Sight reading is a virtue, I must say. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with 6/4 time or 2/2 time. WHO COMES UP WITH THESE UNHELPFUL TIME SIGNATURES?!?!

Awesome: going to a "Civil War Ball" and seeing someone who looks like Mr. Collins. No joke.

Awkward: my twin brother and I accidentally scaring the beejeepers out of an innocent stranger. Twins are weird, okay?

Awesome: skyping with my sister and talking about carpet colors with her boyfriend.

Awkward: when your hand falls asleep right before you play the piano. For church. Again. It was a bad piano day, okay? :)

Awesome: playing the ukulele and singing, "On Top of Spaghetti". My ukulele has fishing lines as the strings, FYI. It really does work - cheap, too.

Double Awesome: being home alone and belting broadway at the top of your lungs.

Awkward: stopping for an animal in the middle of the road - debating whether it is a cougar, bear, dog or deer.

Awesome: GOLDFISH!!

Awkward: going through a car wash at night and freaking out over the swishy-wiper-things-that-look-like-they're-breaking-the-wind-shield. Seriously, it was the scariest thing ever and I'm never going through a car wash again!

Awesome: curling wands and learning (finally!) how to do waterfall braids.

Awkward: taking the time to say hello to my brother and accidentally leaning on top of the (hot) iron. Yes, irons do burn quite a large area of skin.

Awkwarder and annoying: trying to cut out stuff with carpal tunnel syndrome. Um. . .it doesn't work. And I'm not left handed. My sister suggests I learn how to use my toes for such things.

Awesome: watching Captain America with my siblings - even though I don't really like that movie. But I love my siblings!

Awkward: accidentally texting the wrong number forever until you realize . . . it's the wrong number!

Awesome: whipped cream & mocha.

Awkward: when people see me in glasses and freak out. It makes me feel like I have fifty eyes instead of four. :)

And . . . guess what I'm reeeaaally supposed to be doing right now? (see top caption)


  1. Whipped cream + mocha is awesome and I'm glad I'm not the only one who does awkward things.

  2. That first picture is beautiful...I love the lighting!

    :) Love the awk + awe posts!


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