ball gowns, pillows, and sewing lessons

Caroline, in an effort to have quality time with Bethany, volunteered her services as my official pin cushion manager. As I sewed this nightmare of a fanciful princess dress for a local Civil War Ball, she calmly sat by my feet and waited to receive pins to pin.

Since I was using the seam ripper almost every living minute of the day, she promptly got bored and named every single one of the fabric pins on my pin cushion and took them on a "treasure hunt" to the the bobbins of thread. It was actually quite entertaining.

When she finally realized that I wasn't handing over pins any time soon, she threatened to leave the sewing room forever. So, I sat her down with aqua polka fabric and a blunt embroidery needle and showed her the "over & under" motion of the needle. For a four-year-old, she caught on fast. By bed time she had embroidered her initials, and I helped her sew the fabric into a tiny pillow. Needless to say, she is ridiculously proud of her creation.

On the other hand - I finally completed that dress (after hours of alteration because Caroline is so small) and Caroline modeled both her dress and her pillow. Enjoy!

P.s. Expect a lengthy post about how to not make a proper petticoat.

All finished!


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