don't wait for a purpose

It's so easy to be overwhelmed. Like the feeling I get when the violin teacher hands me a 17 page long Vivaldi accompaniment (sometimes I think gifted composers just composed craziness to make wanna-be-musicians feel stupid)

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea about what will happen in the future. Of course, no one does but some people actually have plans. Me? I have plans of what I don't want to do. It's easy to get depressed and frazzled about this - and yeah, I do have moody moments where I curl up on my bed and mourn my doomed fate.

People talk about finding "God's purpose for me" when in reality - um - like - God already has a purpose. For you. Like, now. Totally cliche - but really - we're called to holy living, to be transformed by the gospel of Christ, to living for Him. That's already our purpose. Everyone just ends up on different roads and in different areas - but God always moves with you. Or more like, you move with God.

It's super duper easy to put God's purpose on the back-burner. Pursuing God, dying to self, confessing sins / repenting (AGAIN!), standing alone clinging to godly conviction - good grief that's tough. Sometimes I'd rather read my agonizing science book rather than drag myself on my knees before God after week-long rebellion.

I'd always thought that I'd master this Christian thing, go into missions and find "God's purpose" for me later in life. . .but in reality: it's already here.

I'd love to sit and pray for a "purpose" in life but I already know my purpose in life - to glorify Him. To love Him through obedience. To accept the call of holy living. And when we're brutally honest - sometimes it's mundane. It's not quite as "thrilling" as we all wish and dream our life will be.

Mundane yet satisfying. Simple yet rich.
So, I absolutely have no idea what I'm doing or where I'm going after high school years are over - but at I know how to live and I know who I'm living for.


  1. Love this. Thanks,I needed to hear it.

  2. Ohhh all this has been on my heart lately and I really needed to read your post. Sometimes I just need to be reminded to focus on where I am, instead of striving to plan out what's next. We know how to live and who we're living for, and that's what counts, right? ;)

  3. I can definitely relate to this! I started struggling with direction and trying to figure out what God's will was for my life when I graduated in 2011... I'll be 21 this week, but I'm still continually learning and relearning that God's will for me is something that is always NOW, not something I have to struggle to see down a winding road. Spiritually, in Christ I'm on a straight and narrow path, trusting in a certain end. In everyday life though, things continually change, and I'm never given that sign from heaven telling me if I should continue with university, what to major in, what job I should apply for, who I'll marry, where I should go... but as it says in James, we have to make plans, remembering that it will come to pass "if God wills".

    One passage that I've clung to over the past three years is Colossians 1:9-12, which talks about what the will of God is.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this! Keep clinging to the truth of Who you're living for - it's something we need to be reminded of continually, especially in this season of life! He knows the end from the beginning. :)

    ~ Nina


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