how to successfully do a week of school in 1 day | the infallable guide

{1} Get about 0 hours of sleep the night before. This way,  you can truly appreciate the coffee you're drinking (especially if you're totally allergic to it) and you can live off the fumes and the headache for the rest of the day.

{2} Do find your reading glasses. Chances are, you'll also discover the missing twenty-dollar bill you randomly stuffed in the glasses case.

{3} Take a walk through the woods. It helps wake you up and get rid of excess stress. Of course you can listen to the beautiful sound of dying rodents in the claws of screeching hawks and even the random lost turkey gobbling his way through the woods. You'll also discover the remains of an epic air-soft war.

{4} Read history in one sitting. What do you think of President James Polk?

{5} Read the poems of Emily Dickinson. And try to appreciate why people thought she was such a great poet.

{6} Read science on the trampoline. It's especially fun to read while your little sister is jumping - along with your book.

{7} Take a break and go pick up lawn stones for mom. Do wear gloves, unless you desire beautiful hands of raw skin. And make sure you don't get the fifteen-passenger van stuck in the mud driveway. *coughs*

{8} Eat doritos. Because they're really healthy for you.

{9} Do [1,000 Days of Torture] Easy Grammar until you're so tired that you can't even think coherent sentences. Sentence combining is detestable. 

And when you're finished, sit back and enjoy the thunderstorm ripping through the April skies.


  1. Oh, you make me laugh. Especially #6 about the trampoline and science books. ;)

  2. Hmm..maybe that's why I couldn't remember anything? The bouncing of the trampoline joggled all science facts out of my brain.


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