life at the theater

{1} The curtains are your worst enemy. I worked backstage last year, and all I remember was running around breaking (already broken) microphones, curling miles of hair and pulling curtains in place. Unfortunately, this year is no different. Though I don't work backstage...I still break microphones and pull curtains.

{2}Water is your best friend. The first thing I think after I exit is as follows: water. And normally I go on a wild goose-chase to find that lovely container of liquid because I always leave it in the most ridiculous places. Ironically, by the time I find it, it's time for another entrance. *sigh*

{3} Microphones pick up the unflattering. I have a tendency to sigh, blow, breath, suck in breath, etc. in my mic. It sounds horrific. Ugh. Plus, there's always that one time a mic is left on - and you can clearly hear the ever-interesting-backstage-conversations.

{4} Costume changes are stressful. I buttoned a dress on all wrong and discovered my nightgown was inside-out when I had thirty seconds to throw it on. Wigs are, however, by far the worst nightmare I've ever had in my entire life. Especially wigs that get tangled to anything and everything. Like, microphones.

 {5} Naps are not permissible. Once you close your eyes, the temptation totally overcomes you...and suddenly nothing feels more wonderful than taking a nap under those bright lights....actually, it's possible to fall asleep in the auditorium on those fold out chairs. It's sort of comfortable, in a weird way. But of course, cold floors always feel lovely, too.

{6} There is an invisible monster who steals props. It happens. every. single. time. I lose my hat, my two ratty nightgowns, the broken slate which is still lost as I speak, and every single sash, bobby pin, dustpan, bottle, hair tie, microphone thingy. . .the list goes on.

{7} #1 rule of Theater: act like nothing awkward just happened. Like dress buttons bursting during a scene, microphones pulling down petticoats and bloomers (true story...), tripping up stairs, dancing on the wrong side of the stage at the wrong time, singing off-key right at a pivotal moment, stepping on innocent toes, running into backstage doors, trying to switch a fake candle off and failing miserably. . .

We perform Friday! However, in-between practices I either:
a) sleep
b) read (Charles Finch, anyone?)
c) work on my top secret project
d) go to work/practice for work
e) eat M&Ms with a passion.
You should never eat M&Ms during a performance week. But...seriously...it just helps me stay alive. Along with all the vitamin C, elderberry tonic, echinacea and water I down on a daily basis. :)


  1. I believe I know where your broken slate is. You handed it to me right after my solo. Then I set it to the right of Mrs Kluge's post, on the table there. I suppose it doesn't matter because you need one before tomorrow anyway.

  2. !!! It sounds like it's incredibly exciting (and busy!) for you right now! You all are going to do an excellent job at the performances this weekend! :) Good luck!

    Ah, the M&M's - Anna and Mom would definitely agree with you!

    *hugs* and best of luck!

  3. I think I'm one your invisible monsters. I found your slate where Aidan placed it and then put it on the prop table, I didn't steal it!

  4. Ahhh! So exciting!! Break a leg!

    I hate using mics. I really, really do. Like, a lot. Seriously.

  5. I just wanted to mention that opening night last night, and Bethany was a-MAZE-ing! I laughed...I cried....

    If you live close enough, you MUST come tonight (7PM) or tomorrow (2PM).


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