the goodbye dirge of sixteen

It's been a really weird year. In fact, I should be ancient by all the really crazy random stuff I did when I was sixteen. Perhaps I should be proud, but I think I'm more relieved that I even lived through it all!
In order to fully remember all the mundane moments I've forgotten to remember here, I cheesily journaled an ordinary day for it's memory to be sealed forever. You'll be completely entertained by my exciting Wednesday before I turned seventeen.

 Today started with the sun - my alarm clock. Because I don't have a clock anywhere near my bed. True (and very inconvenient) story. Frankly, I don't really remember what I did before I tripped downstairs. I'm not a morning person.

 The second most important thing I experienced was homemade mocha. I'm allergic to coffee, so I have a really bad habit of needing something warm to wake me up. Somehow, mocha doesn't really effect me allergically or waking-up-ily. . .but I still drink it almost every morning.

 I emptied the dishwasher next and talked with my mom about something I honestly don't recall. I think I was almost tempted to wipe the counters. But I didn't. Sorry, mom.

 By the time I grabbed my bible, the cat was yowling to be let in. I'm not even kidding - he's psychic or something...he's always there right as I walk in. Creepy.

 Then there's school. That lasted until I was too hungry for lunch. . . I gave up on science after I finally waded through my second to last module and realized I didn't understand a single world I read. I did take a history test though!

Then I practiced ballet and sang for at least an hour or two. No one is ever allowed in the room - *coughs* - for obvious reasons. Unfortunately, people can always hear me sing. . .but I think I'm growing out of my self-consciousness. Even when I have a sore throat. Ha...actually, just kidding. I'm always self-conscious.

 This week, I have set aside at least half and hour to going over every single one of my play lines - outside - and get a good dose of Vitamin D. And yeah, I practice them in front of the mirror sometimes - don't judge! And I have no idea why my hair looks really red in this picture. Because it's totally brown.

 It's spring. I make a point to go outside to the woods or something at least once. And since everything is flooded over...rain-boots are a necessary necessity.

 Yup. I guess I'm paranoid about forgetting my lines? Hey, the birds make a great audience. Hm. My posture is pretty pathetic, too. I'll end up with scoliosis or something if I keep it up. Sheesh.

Completely bombing a selfie. :) *coughs* And no, I wasn't driving while this was taken
 Then it was a scramble to steal the car and head off to "work". Well, I call it work - although I "work" such weird hours it's probably like...I don't know. Anyway, I get paid for it. So it's a job, right? I grabbed my piano books and drove off to go accompany the violinists. It's an awesome job - minus the fact that you look really stupid when you mess up. Because everyone can hear the piano slip up. But no one hears it worse than - *cringe* - the teacher. *FACE PALM*

Yes, humility is a virtue that I don't really have - but even humble people would STILL feel like a complete dork whenever they hit a note wrong or mess up a simple piece of rhythm. Awkward.


After that embarrassing moment of the day, I studied for a science test (story of my life) and cried over my science test and screamed over my science test. And yeah, I just love my science tests.

I discussed loons (the bird) with my dad, and helped Caroline make toast for BLT's.

I also bundled up in fifty layers (because I think I'm cold blooded or something) and bumped a volleyball around with my twin. . .which eventually turned into "let's pet the cat and talk about the geese flying in the air." 

 I forgot to mention that I was still letting this screeching feline in the house. Apparently cats don't realize the miserableness of hunting in the cold.

After "volleyball", I was still studying for my science test which turned into cutting out Anne of Green Gables flyers and watching a really weird episode of Dr. Who. It was weird. Really weird. I'm just not a fan of cyborgs, Titanic-turned-spaceships, or every single character you love falling into engine rooms with creepy flying robotic angels.

And then I somehow managed to walk upstairs without tripping (that was a miracle) and I don't remember the rest. I'm assuming I fell asleep? Unless I was sleepwalking and stealing blankets - which has happened before.

Well. The End.


  1. :) Happy (almost) Birthday, Bethany!

    Your last day of being sixteen sounds like a very enjoyable one! (I loved all the pictures, as always. :)


  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Whenever it was, or is. :)
    I shall celebrate by eating a cookie for you, and trying to keep a bunny alive.

  3. Man. I want your life. (Minus the science tests.)

  4. This makes me want to do my own "normal day" post. I'm sure yours would be better though -- I loved this one! :)

    Your cat kinda scares me for some reason though.

    I know I already said this, but happy birthday!!

  5. Practicing in front of the mirror is what makes you *so good*. So...I will judge! In a good way. = )

    I love the screen saver on your laptop. Is it from the Civil War Ball? Caroline...is there anyone cuter?

    Cats! When Phoebe is inside, she wants to go out. When she's outside, she wants to come in. I feel like her butler.

  6. Happy birthday! :D


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