the quirks of sisterhood

+ Daniel declares Caroline is being grumpy. Caroline, deeply offended, responds in a huff (and very grumpily), "I'M NOT BEING GRUMPY!!!!"

+ Recruiting your older sister's boyfriend as your personal spy, rather indirectly, to obtain information about your sister's well-being. Bingo.

+ Yes, I hid on the couch with my twin brother from the Marine coming home from work last night. It was so fun - he didn't even know we were there. Yes, I still play hide and seek.

+ Passing around a bag of expired carrots while reading the newspaper (including all the advertisements) in the van while driving to play practice.

+ The seven-year-old is a backseat driver. Not even kidding. ("MOM! The speed limit is 35!")

+ Sharing a birthday with your twin brother - thus, inviting friends becomes inviting the entire world. 

+ Sitting on the trampoline at night (yeah, it was like 30 degrees) with sweatshirts and quoting every single dramatic CD from our childhood. Come on, if you listened to Jonathan Park and The Sugar Creek Gang - you'd do it, too! And extra brownie points if you've ever heard of, "Betsy and the Peanut Butter Manna" from Your Story Hour.

+ That awkward moment when people ask, "are you IDENTICAL twins?"

+ When innocent words like "burger" "cheesecake" "batman" "Henry Ford" and "Jesse" suddenly become hilarious jokes.

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