watercolors + snow + ticks and other dramas

Fact #3,487: I don't watercolor. However, it doesn't snow in April - either. But since it was snowing in April, I pulled out the watercolor supplies and painted green on every tree I doodled in a hopeless case of spring fever. So, once every blue moon, I do watercolor. It's either because life is upside down (snow in April!) or because I've finally gone off my rocker and succumbed to the disillusion of becoming an artist. *coughs*

The other sadness in life is that the ticks arrived early. I would be grateful for snow if it killed all these horrible creatures, but unfortunately they don't die easily. (in which I inform you that it's impossible to kill a tick with a hammer)

I also learned that it's completely, embarrasingly AWKWARD to misplace sheet music, moments before practicing a song with a group of people who drove all the way to your house - JUST TO PRACTICE THE SONG! It took me a good ten minutes of searching, thinking, back-tracking, guessing and sighing (while hysterically laughing away my devastation) until I finally found it tucked away in the stack of things-that-I-don't-want-to-lose-so-I-stuffed-it-away-in-a-place-I-won't-forget stack. Sometimes I forget how awkward my forgetfulness really is. It's disappointing when I remember that fact.

I spent almost all my morning trying to do my Spanish homework, which involved writing a letter with verbs in the preterite tense. I learned that Spanish dictionaries are the most worthless inventions ever, because the one word you take time to look up is never there. Naturally.

FYI, trying to sing with a cold is about as impossible as making delicious homemade hot cocoa. But it's even harder to sing when the CD player is broken and skips throughout the song. :)

But thank heavens that blankets are warm, books are interesting, school is almost done, space heaters exist, crunchy peanut butter is in the pantry, and the short story I had to read/analyze by Nathanial Hawthorne actually made sense. That, for one thing, is truly something to be grateful for, considering the detective short story written by Edgar Allen Poe was about as dry and confusing as The Illiad, The Scarlet Letter or The House of Seven Gables.


  1. *sigh* This weather is depressing. . .I mean really now, it's April - time for spring!

    I do concur that such weather encourages reading good books with coffee and a fuzzy blanket. I finished and have fallen in love with Les Miserables. :) I got the DVD from the library the other day, so you can guess what I'll be doing pretty soon. . .

    Hope you get over your cold quickly!


  2. @ Kara - be forewarned with some of those Les Miserables DVDs. :) Some of them were a little - *coughs* - explicit, shall we say?

  3. :) Whenever we find a tick, we'll pinch it between tweezers and light it on fire. It's actually quit fun, as they *ahem* explode.

    I promise I'm not as gruesome as I seem, but they are annoying creatures! ;)

  4. Bethany, Your spring fever artistry looks mighty good ;D

  5. I really, really desperately hate the preterite. A lot. Mostly I just like the imperative. My sister says there's a good reason for that. :)
    It is possible to kill ticks by meticulously squishing them with a sharply pointed rock. But really quite disgusting.


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