5 Minute Portraits in the Orchard / Bailey

Bailey and I both braved the elements by trooping outside for a ten minute photoshoot. We still managed to die from the neighboring tribe of mosquitoes camping under the apple tree and we also got sprinkled by the homestead gardener who 'accidentally' lost control the water hose.

But anyway. I think the best part was afterwards, perusing all the photos we took. Bailey would cringe and I would (like any proper little sister) cackle whenever I captured an hilarious facial expression. It was great.


  1. Aw, I miss doing this with my sis!
    Bailey is so beautiful, inside and out!

  2. Bethany your such a great photographer, i admire all of your pictures, there all in such great places and at the right time.

  3. aww,cute shots. Oh,my goodness Bethany,your blog!!!! Its so cute. design mine!!! hahaha.

  4. These photos turned out amazing!!!!!!
    I LOVE your blog, Bethany :)
    Hannah Piotraschke


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