a dip in the river

Epic babysitters taking an epic selfie of epicness
My twin and I became the best older siblings ever by taking some of the youngers for a surprise trip to the "beach".

I say "beach", because it's really just a hill that happens to be next to the river. Most of the ground is covered in goose scat, trash or algae/seaweedy stuff. Caroline explored and promptly found a dead fish. I found what used to be a dead fish. Sarah stepped on a broken beer bottle and we administered first aid with Kleenexes. A floating log was mistaken for a snapping turtle. And the water was positively freezing.

All in all, it was a pretty epic morning. Even if I had to do school later than normal. . .


  1. I love this!

    I read your about page and I loved that first paragraph and I totally could relate. I wanted to journal, but it never worked out for me - thats why my blog is an Open Journal. Anyway I have never seen anyone else who uses their blog instead of a journal.

    I am following on Bloglovin. :)

  2. Sounds like a fun morning (except for Sarah's cut foot, of course)!

  3. :) Sounds like you had a fun morning!

    When I first saw this post I was in Arizona (where it's brown and. . .very not green) I almost died of happiness because of ALL THE GREEN in Wisconsin. (Seeing these pictures made me very excited to get home!)


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