and then i forgot to add chicken | awkward + awesome

{1} Awkward: planning to surprise my mother by making dinner. Chicken Rotel is delicious, but I knew something was wrong once it looked like Doritos soup. Yeah, well, I forgot the chicken. I guess that's minor-important ingredient.

{2} Awkward: when the guy at Wendy's talks so fast and asks, "do you want large?" (or you think that's what he said) and you slowly say, "suuuuuure" when in reality he asked if you wanted "small, medium or large". I dislike ordering from fast food with a passion.

{3} Awesome: walking in the woods in the rain. Although it's uncomfortable when the rain boots don't keep out the rain and you're not wearing socks. I tripped over an old truck that someone threw in an ancient trash dump that has bottles from the 1950s. 

{4} Awkward: walking up to your family who are chatting with a random distinguished gentleman who has just introduced the topic of UFOs. Weird.

{5} Awesome: water. Just because I'm thirsty right now.

{6} Awesome: watching The Desolation of Smaug with my sisters and screaming in the middle of the movie.

{7} Awful: reading about the Civil War and being depressed for the rest of the day. Not to mention doing school until three in the afternoon. Especially when half of the school involved Spanish homework that looked Greek to me.

{8} Awesome: big sisters who come home. I hate being the oldest girl. 

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  1. Ha ha! I totally understand how you feel about this, because it is often hard to hear what people say to you, as the restaurant is often noisy. So instead of asking them to repeat the question twice, or three times, you say "SURE!" or "yeah" or "Mmm...a little bit" or "I guess". But not all of these responses work depending on what they said! It is so awkward to have them repeat the question...:D

    I love that movie! I have only watched it once so I don't remember all of the details. Heh. o_o


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