Falling Hard...

Watching your best friend fall in love is probably one of the hardest things you'll ever go through in your relationship with them. I remember telling Bethany that we were NOT getting boyfriends until college. And when we did, well- those boys were not going to be stealing any pieces of our hearts from each other. Bethany and I were always going to be best friends, and no one was going to step in between and try to love us more than we loved each other already.

Bethany and I were always going to be two peas in a pod. It wasn't going to be Bethany and so-and-so, or Sarah and her boyfriend--but life changes, people grow...and things happen.

I was the first to change. It's funny how I, the girl who was extremely independent and didn't want a boyfriend until who knows when, was the first to get one. It's even funnier (not really) that my best friend was the last one to know. I was scared to tell her. Scared to admit that I had allowed someone else to creep into my heart. I didn't want her to feel that she was being replaced by someone. I didn't want her to think that I no longer cared about her and my relationship with her. I didn't want to lose her. And so I didn't tell her for months...but keeping a secret from your best friend is nearly impossible.

When I told her, she did what any best friend would--She freaked out. Ha, ha. I felt like the worst best friend in the world. She handled my having a boyfriend much better then I did about her having a special someone, though.
I brought my boyfriend to Bethany's play....where she shone like a star ! (She was amazing in Anne of Green Gables.) While watching the scene where Diana went off with a boy, I almost broke into tears. That was me. I was Diana. I barely made it through the rest of the show. I understood how Anne felt having Diana leave, and I finally understood how Bethany felt about my getting a boyfriend.
But here's the thing. You can't stop loving someone. Even though I had gotten a boyfriend, I didn't love Bethany any less. My bestie still has the number one spot in part of my heart-and my boyfriend has a different number one spot in a separate section of my heart. And here's the other thing. You can't help yourself from falling in love. It happens when you don't even realize it, because sometimes God drops things right into your lap when you least expect it. I definitely was not looking for a relationship-I actually didn't want one...but for some reason, God had a different idea. It's ok to fall in love. And if your best friend truly loves you, she'll understand.
When I found out about Bethany's special someone, I didn't handle it as well as Bethany did with my unexpected news. I went into shock. I realized once more why Bethany had had such a hard time dealing with my news. It's like this...your best friend is no longer just your best friend. She's someone else's now, too. You view each other differently. Instead of going to each other with problems and exciting stories right away, you go to your boyfriend first. That was hard for me to accept. I found out how difficult it is to have to share. I found out how much we had grown up-and I didn't even realize how old we had gotten until I saw my best friend in a different light. The light of having someone else along her side. 
It's so, so, so very hard letting go of your best friend just a bit. I really can't even put it into words. However, if you truly love them, then you're willing to let go of them so that they can be happy.
Everyone one day will have to watch as someone they love dearly slips from their grasp. It hurts. But that just means that you truly love that person.
II Corinthians 13:13- "Now abideth faith, hope, and love...but the GREATEST of these is LOVE."
I love you, Bethany !!!!
P.s. It's ok that you fell in love-and no, it's not awkward... ;) I will always be here for you.
Love your best friend for life, Sarah


  1. Well. Thank you for making me cry and laugh like a dork and miss you like crazy. Um, because I'm always in need of a good fifty-hour long conversation with my bestie!!

    Ha! I'm not deserving of your gracious forgiveness for my feelings - because I grumped over YOU and *ahem* for at least a good four months. You should at least have the same privilege...hmm...I suppose you are more understanding than I was...

    This was really sweet. I'm going to keep it forever, and someday we'll look back on this and laugh. When we're both roomies at the nursing home or something. =)

    Your bestie

    1. Hahaha I'm still signed in as Bethany on my ipod !!! Sorry for hacking your blog--actually I'm really not sorry ;p

      Wellllll...I'm still slightly depressed about the whole guy thing. It's gonna take awhile. Lol. But I'm just trying to accept it. It is a terrible tragedy when you bestie falls in love. ;)

      Love, Sarah


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