jumper cables & ballet

My parents were gone for the weekend. I was the only older sibling at home. In a moment of intense sisterly affection, I promised my siblings that I'd take them to the beach.

Finding swim suits, towels, shoes and the sun screen is hard enough, but finally everyone was buckled up and ready to go. Until the engine started making weird clackety noises. My countless attempts to get that baby revving to life ultimately failed. Nope. We weren't going to the beach. And we didn't have any means of extra transportation (that was vital to our survival while our parents were gone). My little siblings were begging me to take the smaller car (which couldn't fit all of us) while I frantically called daddy with trepidation that the van engine might exploded any minute. Yes, I have a morbid mind.

Needless to say, kiddos rode their bikes to the beach, I took the smaller car, daddy came home and showed us how to use jumper cables (ha!) and now I know the difference between exploding engines and dead batteries.


My happiness of the week:
  • Sewing on sleeve thingys to ballet costumes
  • Finishing my junior year of high school. Forever.
  • Giving a speech at a Memorial Day celebration
  • Finally vacuuming out the car
  • Going on the boat and getting sunburned cheeks. Ha.
  • Learning Grande Valse Brilliante on the piano

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