love isn't awkward.

I'd never liked anyone before - yet somehow, all my love-sick girl friends seemed to flock to me for advice. Or maybe it was just for a listening ear while they moaned over their guy-problems. I don't know.

Surprisingly, I never found such conversations awkward, besides the fact that I had absolutely NO idea what to say. I really couldn't understand why it was such a big deal if so-and-so failed to text his girl that day. (Ahem. Bailey.)

I did find couples very confusing and extremely annoying. Any little sister who gets stuck on the couch with her older sister + boyfriend knows that. If a boy so much as looked at a girl, I found such actions as "awkward levels rising". Any display of affection - a hug or an I love you - made me roll my eyes in embarrassment while I tiptoed out of the room. If a random guy gave me a thumbs up for hating video games and then handed me his email later that evening - that was simply scandalous. (Okay. . .that time it was an awkward moment.)

I promised myself that when I liked someone, I would never be this ridiculous.

And then my best friend began dating (tragedy of tragedy) and another close family member began talking to this girl and my sister had been dating forever and then - -

well. it happened. i committed the most heinous of bethany-crimes:

I liked someone and it was ridiculously wonderful. And it happened in the most "awkward" way possible in front of practically everyone I didn't want to see/know.

After freaking out for about a week, mommy talks, sister talks, God talks, and self talks....I realized that such things aren't awkward. They're a part of life. And if you do think they're awkward.
Just wait until it happens to you.

P.s. no stories told, some things I just would rather not post all over the internet. =)


  1. Thank you so much for this post!! The same thing just happened to me about a month ago and you don't know how encouraging this was. Especially about the mom talks. I talked to my mom about it too. :)

  2. @ Maddi - I burst out laughing. We'll have to have a "mother" talk. =)

  3. Mwuahaha! I KNOW WHO IT IS.

    And you're adorable. It's fun watching you fall in love. ;)

  4. Aw, Bethany!!! Prayers for you during this time!

    (and. . .I believe I know who it is. . .I foresee an email coming your way. ;)

  5. Hahahaha this is great. I'm kinda surprised you didn't tell me in your last email. I guess I'll just have to beg you to tell me . . . and you're right, love isn't awkward.

  6. Hey Bethany your right love is not awkward but love is definitely confusing I mean at first its hard to tell if the young man really loves you or is just being friendly yup not awkward but definitely confusing!! :) :) :)

  7. Oh my gosh I love all your photos and I like how you take pictures when your sister is not expecting it I do that as much as I can before they find out most of my pictures end up being action photo's, portrait and landscape my favorite would have to be water with a sunset or sunrise :) :) :)


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