my neck of the woods

Despite the fact that our "woods" is actually an old overgrown field, our part of the river is actually a flooded bog entitled "Stumpy Bay" (really, some people just lack creativity) and our "creek" is actually the result of a overflowing sewer - I love our woods.

If you manage to trek five minutes beyond our house, duck under a broken tree, walk two more minutes until you find a precarious crossing across the creek, hike uphill for about ten more minutes, wade through a river of thorn bushes that want to kill you, and then follow along the ridge above the river - you'll come across my neck of the woods. It's actually just a couple of pine trees with a deer trail running through the middle. The trilliums* bloom nearby and I've scared the living daylights out of an innocent heron and a wandering sandpiper. The view is gorgeous though, overlooking the water - yet close enough to civilization that I don't have to worry about being marred by bears or trampled by deer. There's no skunk cabbage or muck nearby, which not only saves my nose (skunk cabbage literally smells like the name) but my shoes as well.

I would've contentedly sat and thought/crocheted/journaled/read underneath the pine trees, had the wind been calm. Unfortunately, it was freezing cold and the wind is vicious - although the frogs were serenading. Actually, that was rather obnoxious. At least it isn't cranes screeching at 2:00 a.m. That's obnoxious.

Although the sheriff came at 1:00 a.m. - but that's a different story entirely!

*Trilliums are supposedly an endangered flower, and it's sorta illegal to pick them. Ironically, there's about a billion in our backyard. *coughs*


  1. I should go hiking in the woods. . . .

  2. The sheriff came? I wanna hear this.

    I really like your neck of the woods. You should come to mine sometime. I don't want to post about it since it's kind of a secret and my parents don't like me going there because they think I'll get kidnapped. Which I don't go back there as much or as far as I used to.

    And you remind me of Anne. :)


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