ode to science | a horrific battle taunt to the enemy

 An ode to the science book by yours truly...because I really don't want to go through the study guide so I'd rather make empty threats instead...

Dear science book:

Despite your best attempts - yes, your pathetic best attempts - to foil my brain into oblivion, here I stand on the last battle-field, battered and torn but not beaten! I screech in triumph - yea, the triumph of the obnoxiously conceited victors - as I began my last ever study guide of perpetual torture.

If you think my brain too small to cram another 1,000 list of definitions and anatomy figures, you are wrong. . .so devastatingly wrong in your evil scruples.

I shall overcome and I laugh -


at your broken spine. . . . .oops . . .(which is actually falling apart, although that I was totally unintentional.)

I relish the day I finally sheath my sword.

your worst nemesis


  1. Bahahahaha! I do not miss these days. Fight on, valiant warrior!

  2. "My name is Rebekah Louise. You are my science book. Prepare to die."

    I find great joy in repeating that sentence.

  3. Glad you survived. I despised those study guides, too.

  4. I'm limping my way through the Apologia chemistry book. I may die before it does. I look in hope to the day I can do Human Anatomy


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