waterfall braids + the many faces of bailey

It seems my parents left us three older kids in charge on the busiest weekend ever invented. Between becoming the all-house handyman (seriously, the circuit-breaker-whatever-things totally knocked out the AC and who knows how many appliances for five hours while I frantically tried to fix it over the phone with daddy) --- I also worked as the hair stylist, gardener and general clean-up person.

Anyway. Bailey went to a wedding, and I was so bored that I took pictures of her attempting-to-make-the-GPS-work. Yep.

And then, while I tried to back out the fifteen-passenger-van, Caroline had a sobbing breakdown and I got the car carpet stuck under the brake AND the accelerator. Good thing I was the only car on the road. . .

This post is very ungrammatical. But I don't really care. Judge at your own expense.


  1. Bailey's smile is *just* like your Mom's in that fourth picture! (She looks *gorgeous*, btw.)

    You had quite an exciting weekend! Dead battery, circuit breakers, etc.! I'm thankful you're so capable, because I had such a great time with your parents at the conference. Thanks for freeing them up to go!

  2. oh so pretty!


  3. Bailey. Is. Beautiful. Well done with her hair, Bethany!!


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