Weeked Recap / Anne of Green Gables!


The best thing that ever happened to me, was playing the part of Anne Shirley. I instantly made friends with every single red-head and freckle-faced girl in the audience (I'm not even kidding...I had some really awkward freckle conversations.) Too bad I don't have red hair or freckles in real life!

Ah. So many good memories. The best one was probably when I literally walked off the edge of the stage during a blackout and pulled my hamstring. Thank goodness for ice packs and Epsom salt!

I got a lot of flowers. Which makes me cry every time I look at the over stuffed vase on the dining room table. Which I did manage to knock over one night, of course. Clumsy person that I am.

After spending three days with the cast and crew, you practically become family (I mean...sharing-hair-brushes-type family. Now that's a close knit thing right there.) Everybody was amazing and way too much fun to be around. We even went bowling afterwards and probably won the prize for the most obnoxious group ever. True story.

Life goes on. And know I must get used to not being Anne Shirley and transition into piano-accompanist super mode. . .

But I think I'm going to take a thousand year nap in order to catch up on my sleep. Phew.


  1. So *that's* why there's red hair in our hairbrush....

    YAY! I've been waiting...and waiting...to see if you or Aidan would post something about the weekend. Look who's hovering now! ; )

    Aaaaah-hahahahahaha! I **LOVE** the picture of Lydia with rollers in her hair! "NO!" she's saying. = ) When I showed it to her just now, she screamed and yelled, "BETHANY! Grrrrr...." STOMP.

    Bowling *was* so fun. I'm sending a thank you note to the bowling alley. I'm hoping that will smooth over some of our obnoxiousness--especially since I'm hoping we can all go there again next year. *gulp*

    After looking through the green folder of music, I'm not sure I can burn it after all. *sigh* In a few years, I'll pull it out, and we can squeal and sigh and reminisce about all of the trials and triumphs of AoGG: the Musical. That will be fun. = )

    I love you, Anne with an "e"! You'll always be Anne to me. And maybe one of these days I'll loan you my VHS recording of me as Anne--if it still plays.

    ~ Jenny


  3. :) This makes me happy. :)

  4. I love the pictures Behany! :)

  5. You did an outstanding job as Anne. There aren't the right words to describe how well you did! You look awesome with red hair! I hope you are successful in piano-accompanist super mode! I have no doubts...your piano skills are great. The pictures are sweet. It makes me want to perform the whole thing again! :)

  6. Wonderful memories. I shall never forget them! @Jenny: Poor Lydia--I hope she wasn't too embarrassed! Tell her she looks adorable in her curlers. Did she get that foot stomp action from "Anne"?

    And what? Ya'll were obnoxious at the bowling alley? Maybe the thank you letter will put all to right.


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