a strange new path

I remember exactly what I thought:
I can't believe I'm doing this.

We were walking down the road. The sunset was perfectly gorgeous. All I could hear was the slap of my flip-flops and the silence between us.

My next thought was:
SAY SOMETHING. Why aren't you SAYING something?!?

I began to fill the silence nervously. I went bonkers in a random tangent of rambling which turned into me apologizing for randomly rambling and cackling like a scared-to-death Mallard duck.

Let's just say, I don't know how to take a ten-minute trek down a county road with a boy. I'm not the kind of girl who walks with boys (minus the dog, my twin and daddy) during the evening.

And I know what you're thinking.
Good grief.

But to that I reply:
Just wait until it happens to you.

Yes. I'd like to see you act perfectly normal and casual walking down the road with someone you admire even more than you like mocha (whoa, what a compliment).

I've been a relationship expert for dating/courting couples ever since my sister liked a boy. Ironically. Since I'd never even liked a guy ever much less even been of age of date one.

I had no plans of dating/courting (paaaleeeezzz...what do you call it?)
and then it happened
and I know people think this is a weird thing to post on a public blog
but hello, it's not a miniscule part of my life and it's new and strange
and I really don't know what to say about it
except that it's way different when you're the one asking for advice and not giving it.
so yes.
i'm walking a strange new path and it's scary.
people laugh at me more than they used to
and tease me like crazy
but for reals. i'm scared half to death.
and i know my mama will laugh at this along with everyone else i know in real life
you know what.
people in love are ridiculous.
and that's okay. i guess.


  1. So informative! Thanks Bethany! This'll be usefull for my "later in life". =) Love Marie K.
    P.S. You are amazingly sweet!

  2. @ Marie - weeeeeeeeeeeeeeell....I can't say I'm going to be very helpful. I mean. I wouldn't take advice from someone as frazzled as I am. ;)

    1. You are not frazzled! =) (Not as much as me maybe.....) =) Love ya! ~Marie

  3. bethany! your new design is gorgeous!! I'm always so amazed at the beautiful things you put together :) and i think we need a picture of you and said boy ;)

    1. DITTO WHAT ROSI SAID. Double dog dare you. ;)

    2. Ditto Rosi and Bailey! I want a picture of you and your boy!

    3. Wait Aidan. You're supposed to be on my side!?!? HAHA. Let's just say, I'll think about it for a few decades.

  4. :) hahahaha is all I can say. and you know, sometimes you can just be quiet and not say anything. (but he prob likes you bc you talk so much. who knows.)

    YOUR NEW DESIGN. woah girl.

  5. this is SO sweet. :) eeeep! sorry, I just see a lot of how I would react when this will someday happen. and yeah {dating/courting...what on earth do you call it?!!} is something you can only share, not really give advice on. love following along with your love story. ;)

  6. I'm not laughing, just smiling. Hoping you will keep it sweet and simple and real and slow and honest and honoring to God at all times.

  7. I thought I had relationships all figured out. Oh yes. Courtship and the whole path to marriage seemed quite clear and simple. I knew how it should work.

    And then God brought a guy into my life, and we became great friends, and then, He brought us into a no-longer-just-friends relationship (a brief courtship, and then betrothal) after lots of prayer, and many lessons. :) And then I realized that the whole process was not as cut and dried as I thought it would be. I had so much to learn. I loved the way God did it (His plans are so good), because my now husband and I were able to learn so much together! Which was so much more wonderful and special than if we had both had everything all figured out ahead of time (even though that might have been a little easier, at times).

    Be open to whatever God has to teach you during this season, and listen to His leading, and be ready to be challenged! It's a wonderful journey...when you are following Him, and seeking to glorify and honor Him.

  8. "Yes. I'd like to see you act perfectly normal and casual walking down the road with someone you admire even more than you like mocha (whoa, what a compliment)."

    Hilarious!! I love mocha too... (That sounds awkward...)


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