And then I'm crying. Almost at least. It's that first overwhelming burst of emotions that leads to a potential choking sob.

Stupid thing is - why am I crying?
I don't really know.
Perhaps because the kid I babysat spat water in my face or because I had weird dreams. Maybe it's because I'm worried about the future or if I'll even wake up tomorrow. Maybe it's because I'm frustrated with my Christian walk and I want to see more of God.
But why am I crying?
I shouldn't.
I shouldn't be crying.
I shouldn't be sad.

I have enough.
I have an everlasting Father.
I have purpose in life.
I have Someone to sing to, to run to, to live to, to cry to every single waking moment of the day.
He's enough.
So why am I crying?
Because I despair.
But I have no reason to despair.
There is no despair in God's children.
He promises that He hears.
That those who are near to Him will not go away disatisfied.
He's enough.
And that's enough,
to live.


  1. You and I needa talk sometime. :)

  2. How much sleep have you been getting? Exhaustion magnifies everything 10,000 times.

    1. Hm. Well. I don't remember. If it was not enough sleep, then I will properly blame it on you for being such a good listener. It tempts me to keep you up until 2 AM. :) :)

      (This was written a while back. I really think those innocent children popping out the screen in the screen door totally screwed my sanity for the day. At any rate, what I said still stands, even if I have a good reason or a stupid reason to be ridiculously depressed and sobbing)

  3. That is EXACTLY what I told her. :D

  4. I cry a lot more than I used to. it's weird. maybe I need more sleep, too. who knows.

    But He is enough.

  5. Knowing look !!!!!!!!!!!! I get those days more then I want them I hate growing up! Love your blog Miss Bethany your amazing!!!!!


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