I want to remember these

  • Chasing my little sister around the house because she refused to tell me something hilarious. I eventually locked her in our room and forced it out of her. We'd never laughed so hard.
  • That cute kid who adamantly declared out of the blue, "I just love ants." (after eating them, of course!)
  • The mist-fog that completely covered our backyard. I ran around in it like a lunatic in my pajamas. It was fun!
  • Making dinner with mommy in the kitchen while talking about...everything.
  • The pastor's kids telling me I'm getting married in five minutes (...why do all little kids assume their babysitters are getting married?!?) 0_0
  • Watching Studio C with my big sis at midnight
  • Running around in the dark screaming for my roommate because I thought she was murdered in the Medal of Honor grove in PA. Actually, for all my concern...it turned out she was talking to friends outside the dorm door. WELL DUH, BETHANY! *face palm*
  • When I gave a hug to the guy I admire after not seeing him for a while...annnnnd...he stepped on my toe and I burst out laughing.
  • Playing Broadway tunes on the piano while my sister sings along. Don't go back to college Bailey. 
  • When Caroline obnoxiously "tickles" my neck and cackles like a hyena. It's so annoying. But someday I'm going to miss her ridiculously painful "tickling".
  • The look my bestie gave me when she surprise showed up at my house. You know what I'm talking about, Sarah.


  1. :) kids are so weird, especially when they assume you're married or eat ants. Or tickle your face off. My little sis probably asks me every week when I'm getting married. go figure.

  2. I love that look especially when giving it!!!!!

  3. Hahaha :) Remember the moments, Bethany...every single one of them.

  4. These photos are stunning, Bethany! (The first and fog pictures are my favorites)

    These are great photos and moments to remember! (We know a little girl who is CONSTANTLY trying to "matchmake" (or whenever she sees you: asks if you're engaged) which is hilariously cute. That is, until she's pairing you with someone who is in the same room as you are. . .haha ;)

  5. I love posts like this, it just shows me that someone else young sees the little delicate things in life that give it sparkle. That first one was so sweet, because my sister and I have had moments like that. It literally made me smile. Perfect post.
    Blessings ~ Rachel Hope


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