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It all started when I tried to watercolor and sat in an ant pile. Since I discovered that water coloring and sitting in ant hills are both painful past times - I spent the rest of my weekend sewing butterfly wings for our dance recital. Fun stuff. Thank goodness for grooveshark, skype and mocha. Otherwise, I would've started seeing sequins and tulle in my dreams.

A big bag of sewing stuff. Taken before I began...
About five hours later. I ended up spilling the container of sequins ALL OVER my parents bed. Oops.
12 hours of sewing was WORTH IT when the girls got their wings. =)
The ever lovely Krista practicing her splits and looking gorgeous. As always.
Well. I found coffee. REAL coffee. I think the caffeine got to my head.
Our ballet costumes! Fun stuff.
The cutest gals ever, showing off their wings
Waiting to dance....

The weekend rewound
  • It poured cats and dogs all day
  • I sewed a ballet shoe that was ripped in two. I didn't know they were sewable. 
  • I got a flower. =)
  • Glitter body gel stuff doesn't work. Just sayin'.
  • Spinning in circles with a poufy dress is not worth the headache afterwards
  • Curling hair for two hours is...really boring. 
  • I got my hair wrapped around my head for the first time ever - it was the weirdest feeling!
  • Parking + Bethany + tiny parking lots = torture
  • Bobby pins are only useful by the hundreds
  • Chocolate Caramel coffee creamer is the best. thing. ever. Well. the third best. thing. ever.


  1. Bethany, great job with your sewing! I'm amazed =)

  2. Bethany. You are so good at everything! Your painting is pretty legit. And you are pretty much completely awesome for donating all of your time to sew costumes for people! And your dancing is #1.

    +1 to you for productivity!

  3. Wow! All the dresses are beautiful!!!! <3

  4. Did you take a watercolor art course? Or did you learn by experimentation. It's lovely!

    I put my videos of the recital up on YouTube. The links are Unlisted, but I'll email them to you. The videos don't do the dances justice, however. I wasn't centered, and I couldn't get everyone at once sometimes.

    You looked so graceful and elegant! It was fun to watch you, Bethany. = )

  5. I second Aiden and Mrs. Green's comments! And Mrs. Green, could you send me the videos, too? :D


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