what's tumbling in my brain right now

I guess I always assumed I had to prove myself righteous when I got to heaven. 

In all my attempts to earn God's love and prove to myself that I was worthy of His outrageous grace - I came up empty and frustrated.

The more I learn of God's faithful love to His children, the more I realize. . .that whatever my actions or deeds, I am only holy through the perfect, spotless holiness of Christ. 

it's over, it's done. the sacrifice has been paid in full.
and although I still try to please and obey God -
i know that whether I fail or suceed,
Christ already
Paid It All.
and it's more than enough.


  1. thanks for the reminder, I needed it!

  2. So true! In our own strength we can do nothing; the only way that we can get to heaven is through the finished work of Jesus Christ who loved us and gave himself for us!

    Glad I found your blog...nice to know there are other red-headed Bethany Grace's in the world :D God bless!

  3. She isn't really read-headed...

  4. I totes agree with Mr. Aidan AMEN


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