and then i became a tshirt doctor

The summer I got bored, I dumped out every single article of clothing in my drawer. That's when I discovered that I had a large amount of M-XXL tshirts intrusively wrecking havoc on my organizational skills. Because I never wear tshirts akin to potato sacks and because I was positively bored and because I hadn't wrestled with the sewing machine in a while...I deliberately set the hideous shirts aside in my "rip-this-up-and-see-what-happens-pile".

The results were all super unique. Although they all look a little weird to say the most. It was, however, so much fun sewing/seam ripping/creating with nothing to lose.
Without further ado...
I was too lazy to rip out the shoulder/armpit seams. So, I just traced a shirt that fit me, and sewed the tracings. I also committed the heinous sewing crime of leaving my seams unfinished. But the zig-zag function on our sewing machine is broken. It's dreadfully annoying and inconvenient. I supplemented zig-zagging by trimming the excess with pinking shears.

My first victim turned out a little lopsided and uneven. I left the sleeves a little loose, cut out the tight neck, and I didn't shorten the hem - so it has a tunic-ey feel to it. Yeah, it's cheap and ugly. But I like it.

 This was my favorite shirt I doctored. It originally almost reached my knees (haha, I'm not a men's XXL!) but it turned out deliciously comfy - and not too odd. Although, I probably wouldn't wear this in public...why would anyone wear this shirt in the first place?) 0_0

Oh yeah. Hoo roar my modeling skills.
 This one was by far the most fun and tedious. I saw this idea HERE for making a "galaxy" shirt. All I knew is that I thought my original tshirt was hideous and I already had a bajillion blue/black tshirts. I ran outside with bleach and acrylic paint and tried my skills as a modern artist. I mean. I just threw paint/bleach all over that thing. The sewing, however, was a nightmare. My sewing machine rebelled against me and kept eating the bobbin thread. I ended up hand-tacking the lower hem shorter, chopping the sleeves and neck, and I added some pintucks to the neckline so it wouldn't curl weird. The results? Definitely strange. At least I won't feel horrible ruining it for yardwork or something.

And there you have it. How to creatively go bonkers with ugly tshirts.


  1. They look really nice Bethany! :D I love the three ways to *ruin* a tshirt lol :) Great job! ~Morgan

  2. That is SO neat!! I am definitely going to do this to some of my T-shirts. Sometime. I especially love the second one (your favorite). The sleeves are really fun =)
    Hannah Piotraschke

  3. you did great!! and dang you and bailey are like twins.

  4. So this is basically genius and I'm going to have to copy you. I have so many old t shirts I could re-style. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. Be forewarned - it's perfectly ADDICTING. ;)

    2. NO KIDDING!!! I decided to tackle a few t-shirts today, and I've already finished 5 =) I'm done for the day, but am still trying to think of what other shirts I can "destroy" :P This is SO fun! I had the though of doing this to some shirts before, but you're the one who's got me going.
      Hannah Piotraschke

    3. @ Hannah - what?!? That's awesome!


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