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 Once upon a time, I had a plain white tshirt that I wore under my scrubs. Since I never got a job as a CNA and since I never wear scrubs, this plain white tshirt had been sitting in the "unwearable" section of my wardrobe. Because it's summer and I was bored - I had an afternoon inspiration:
Since I'm not readily stocked on medium textile (um, what is that?) I just grabbed a punch of acrylic paints and stenciled away.
People. The freezer paper actually temporarily ironed onto the shirt and came off like a breeze. I was so excited - OH THE POSSIBILITIES!
The end result:

Mmm...yeah. I'm excited about this project. I still can't believe it actually worked!

Time: 1 hour. Preetttaay good.
Difficulty: easy-peasy. It was really fun, too!
Cost: $0. I like that number.
Directions: em, I didn't bother to read them really...
Would I ever do this again: totally. 

So, if you have plain white tshirts hanging around and you like tribal print...try it out!


  1. Ahem, are you using fabric paint to do your project on the bedroom carpet? Or was this just a photo shoot. A concerned mom wants to know....:)

  2. I need to do this!!!!!! I have a bunch of plain shirts sitting in my closet too!!!!!

  3. LIKE IT!!!!
    Hannah P


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