Yeah. There's this boy who makes me complicated sticky-note envelopes. We exchange snail mail. =)
  • Filling out NGYC counselor applications! They needed a counselor last minute...and I couldn't refuse. Best. thing. ever.
  • Playing the guitar. You know, it's actually relaxing if you take the time to fiddle around with it. But nail polish + guitars don't work very well...
  • Going on spontaneous downtown window shopping sprees. 
  • Writing...um...lots of letters to someone. I'll let you guess. He also reads Fox & Socks to Caroline while everyone else crams in the living room and dies of laughter.
  • Watching Star Wars with my siblings and finding every single discrepancy and loophole in the storyline. Oh yeah, we have a life...totally. =)
  • Having sleepovers on my sister's bed. in the middle of the afternoon. I love taking naps with you Bailey! Em, yup. It's such a bonding time. 
  • Waking up to the sun shining in your face. 
  • Watermelon. Enough said.


  1. =) I've tried a number of times to read Fox & Socks... without giving up in the middle!!
    Hannah P

  2. AWWWEE. You and Aidan should stop being so darn cute. just stop.

    Star Wars used to be one of my obsessions. I kinda forgot until just now. maybe it's time for a marathon?

  3. I love Fox in Socks... Seriously! I read it all. the. time. You have a pretty special person if he's willing to read it to your little sister. ;)
    And I'm sure every visitor to your blog says this, but oh well, I'll say it anyway... I LOVE your blog. :)

    1. @ Miriam - Awwwww, shucks! Thank you!

      I'm tickled that so many people are Dr. Seuss lovers at heart. He's the best. author. ever. :) I never did conquer Fox in Socks though...

    2. Aww, you and your boy are so cute together. . .(and in my opinion, snail mail is the sweetest and best way to keep in contact with your special someone!)

      Looks like you're having an awesome summer! :)

  4. That picture of Aidan & Caroline melts my heart. Love it.

    And yes, having you at camp *is* the best thing ever. I wish we could have had you more this past summer.


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