trespassing in TX | Photoshoot

It was Abigail's idea.
It seemed harmless enough.
I mean. . .what's better than crawling through a barbed wired fence, screaming over grasshoppers and having hair flipping contests? Pshaw, peeps! We're gonna to rough it!

I later learned that:
{1} Trespassing in Texas earns you the legal right to be shot dead
{2} Apparently copperhead snakes love vast, empty fields

 (P.s. Photoshop Lightroom is uh-mazing. And my gorgeous cousin has a blog that you probably should check out!)


  1. Did you find out that right the hard way? Or did someone tell you

  2. I kinda do this all the time. I don't think anyone will shoot you, but you might step on a copperhead.


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