yeah, we celebrated the 4th of july with style

 Hannah and Bailey - finding something hilarious 

 Our pastor's kids and my siblings posed for some epic ninja trampoline pictures. Poor Benjamin looks utterly terrified. Don't worry. He lived.

 My mom pulled out potatoes and rulers and the kiddos enjoyed a "Spud Race" 

 ...the intense competition in gunny-sack races. Who knew, right?

 I totally babysat this kid. He's adorable. He pronounces our last name, "Baaaaaarchmiiiiiiiiin"
*heart melt*

 ...speaking of adorable. Oh, yeah.

 Me: "Oooh - golden hour! Let's take pictures!"

 My mom's genius idea of using plastic cups with sparklers so the kiddos won't be afraid of getting burned. It worked!
 Ahaha. Lame photo. Just had to put it in.
Speaking of lame, we all died of laughter watching the Wal-Mart fireworks with spectacular names...that lasted for about two seconds. 
Some memories....
  • Fearing for our lives after a firework exploded on the ground. My dad barely survived. =)
  • The baby chopping through a glowstick and having a glowing mouth. It was like horror-novel-creepy. She lived, however.
  • Alfred, the water balloon, did not live. Bailey and I screamed as he burst into a million pieces. Poor Alfred.  
  • Sitting in the living room and laughing with my grandpa. I never knew he flunked veterinary school before he decided to become a doctor!
  • If you ever want to lose in ladder ball, just pick me to be on your team. 
  • The toddler kicking a bocce ball with his bare toes. Oh...Benjamin....
  • Yes, there's such a thing as pita chips. Chips made out of pita bread. It's seriously like a slice of heaven.
  • I got grilled on Anne of Green Gables fun facts by the pastor's kids...because apparently they're rather obsessed with all things AOGG? I hopelessly flunked my Anne Shirley history test....
And now a question for you: What did y'all do for the 4th of July?


  1. Looks and sounds like you had a lot of fun! We went to a parade and later watched fireworks.

  2. Looks like fun!!! That IS an awesome idea for sparklers =)
    Well... we usually see Clintonville's fireworks every year, but this year, we tried something different and went to see Appleton's. They weren't as good as Clintonville's, though ;) Then on the 4th, we went to visit my Uncle in Lacrosse, planning also to watch Lacrosse's fireworks. Well, since we were on the border, we drove to Iowa to see the ones there instead! It was fun, and so neat with the echoes across the open and in the bluffs. And... my Uncle bought us all ice cream, from the ice cream truck =) That was seriously the first time I had ice cream from an ice cream truck :P That one day, we were in three different states; Wisconsin, Minnesota (well, actually, I'm not sure if we ever did drive IN Minnesota, but we did see in from across the Mississippi), and Iowa. All in all, we had an exciting 4th of July.
    Hannah Piotraschke

  3. @ Hannah - wow. Y'all are like 4th of July pros or something! Sounds fantastic!

    1. Haha!! We don't normally do that much for 4th of July... this year was just a special exception ;)
      Hannah P

  4. Looks like it was a crazy-fun event!!

    We just ate hamburgers. ^_^

  5. Some people from our Church went camping at Morgan Park, in Pembine.


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