and then we went inntertubing and got attacked by a giant spider

Innertubing behind a boat is pretty intense summer fun.
But despite being close enough to death's door as it is (yeah, innertubing could be dangerous. slamming into rock walls and the like - you get the idea) I wasn't exactly thrilled to be escorted through the so-said door as we discovered of THIS CREATURE crawling on the tube!!
I'm usually not afraid of spiders, but when I am afraid of spiders. . .
ensue paranoia.
Oh. Wait. This is about innertubing. Yes. Innertubing. Pretty fun. See above photos. =)


  1. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That spider is huge :[
    I LOVE innertubing!

  2. I hate spiders. It's bad enough to see them somewhere, but it's worse when they disappear. (Never know just where they're crawling...) *shiver

  3. My mom is deathly afraid of spiders too!
    I have no idea why but I think it has to with when she was a little kid


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